Amelynne’s Adventure

Today we went to the playground. I went on a big slide. It was like a big tunnel except you could slide down it. I was a bit scared at first because I thought I would fall off – it was a bit high. A seven year old said you had to treat it exactly like a slide. I don’t know my friend’s names. There was a dog and I was a bit scared of it. It was black and it went near daddy – it was very well behaved and sat down.

half pipe in museumplein
It looked a little like this.

I went down on my back. I wasn’t scared any more when I had a go. I went even faster than I thought it would go. I played on the other playground. The other playground had a tunnel and two slides but they were different sizes. There was a rope that I couldn’t climb.

I went down the small slide with Evany on my lap. I went down with Merrick on my lap too.

I went to the shops and got a gingerbread man.

Amelynne’s 2nd Birthday Party!

On the weekend before Amelynne’s birthday we had all her available family over for a little birthday bash. Everybody had a good time, especially Amelynne.

We hung out in our rumpus room:


We then played pass the parcel, and the prize was a bubble blowing kit (which Tasman won) so we all went outside and had lots of fun blowing bubbles:


We then had the cake (a pig because Amelynne loves them):


In the excitement Amelynne actually lost her balance and fell forward and squished her hand into the cake (hee hee) but there was no major damage and we proceeded with the singing…:


What has Amelynne been up to?

The weekend before last she caught up with her family, including her little cousin Landon:

IMG_1604 IMG_1608

Nobody else looked any good in this photo, but it is such a gorgeous one of Landon I couldn’t resist.


The next weekend we took Amelynne to the Hahndorf Farm Barn (which was a bit disappointing) and she loved the guinea pigs, and was surprisingly brave :).


She also helped to bottle feed a lamb:


Walking in a new raincoat

So the rain had cleared up and it was actually sunny and nice but anyway…

Up High IMG_1598 IMG_1599

Yay! Splash, splash


Here’s a bonus photo: When you bring out a camera, Amelynne’s cousin Yolanna smiles beautifully, Amelynne does not.


Photos and more photos

Through much perseverance, Josh has finally solved the problem of uploading our photos, so here is a nice selection of some good photos for you:

High Five



Scowly Face



IMG_0298 IMG_0299

Leaving home (well going to Daycare)

Big girl

Some videos

Amelynne is such a confident toddler – she’s always pushing the boundaries of what she knows her body can do.

The other day she got the idea of tapdancing from Playschool:

[flickr video=4696134238]

And she dances at any opportunity – music or not:

[flickr video=4695419663]

I’m loving watching her try new things and be active.

Cute Thinking

A few days ago I thought Amelynne, Mousie and I could play musical chairs with her little chairs. After I had finished explaining how the game works, Amelynne thought for a couple of seconds and then said “carry” and picked up a chair and took it with her.

Today Amelynne said two beautiful three word sentences:

“Watch him mow” and “Strapped in chair”.

They were mostly exciting because they made grammatical sense, whereas until now her sentences have been just the three important words such as: “Daddy car home” or “build tower big”.

Lots of stuff about Amelynne

I basically gave up keeping up the website but keep getting worried that I’m going to forget all the wonderful things that Amelynne does, says and who she is right now as a gorgeous, energetic, enthusiastic toddler. So I’m just going to brainstorm and throw down everything that I can think of about my gorgeous daughter.

When Amelynne turned 19 months I counted 34 words that she was using consistently and in the right context. Straight after that I started to lose count because she was learning about 2 new words a day and her speech just exploded. At 2o months she used 7 words to tell a very accurate story about what happens when she goes to day care: “Vera, huggy, Daddy bye bye, car, Mummy no” In other words, she goes and gives her carer a hug, then Daddy says goodbye and leaves in the car, and Mummy stays home.

Yesterday, when she was just 21 months she told her first imagined story (well we had no idea what she was referring to): “man, hat, out there, car, big”. As she was sitting in the bath at the time so couldn’t even see outside and Josh and I hadn’t known anything about a man in a hat in a big car during the day, we think she made it up.

When we ask her to do something now she says “ok” and then does it about 70% of the time :).

Amelynne is very helpful, she loves helping to cook, especially stirring. She helps carry clean clothes to her room and puts them in drawers. She likes wiping down her own highchair tray. When she knocked over a glass of a bit of water I couldn’t be bothered doing anything about it, and she was very unhappy about that, so she went to her bedroom, grabbed a cloth off the shelf and came back and dabbed at the carpet. She has also tried to do the same but rather than getting a cloth, she grabbed an electricity bill from beside Josh and started cleaning up with that.

Things Amelynne loves:

  • Climbing – and she is very good at it, she is always getting “higher” and had mastered the highest points in our lounge room months ago. Her rocking horse is no longer just for rocking but also for acrobatics.
  • Going on her swing.
  • Riding her bike – she also stands up on that, and rides it down our little narrow steps.
  • Reading books
  • Singing and dancing – She can do the whole Hokey Pokey and some other Playschool songs and she loves ringa-ringa-rosey. When we aren’t up for joining in, she sings “ringa ringa ringa” while spinning crazily and then”down” and throws herself on the floor.
  • Muppets singing silly songs – She loves sitting beside Daddy and watching them on his laptop and constantly asks for “piggy, me me, beaker” every time Josh gets his laptop out.
  • Playing games on the iphone – Amelynne can start her couple of games on Josh’s iphone and can play the games really well, that require touching, swiping etc.

Amelynne has a great sense of humour and often makes us laugh and laughs a lot herself.

She is extremely caring and empathetic. When she thinks that we are bothered about something, even if it is just us grumbling at something insignificant, she drops whatever she is doing and runs to us offering a “huggy”.

She is very into “huggy’s” and is often giving and demanding that we give huggy’s to her toys, her shoes, her biscuit, her block, or anything else that she thinks might need a hug right at that moment.

Here’s some latest cute photos.

Amelynne has been very determined to feed herself. She has been good at getting a loaded spoon to her mouth for a couple of months, but that is no longer good enough and she now has to do it all. This can make meals very long (kind of tedious) and very messy. Here she is after she first successfully fed herself her whole tea.


These are just a few gorgeous photos from the other day.

img_1414.jpg img_1413.jpg

You can also kind of see how much toothier her smile is now.

(Sorry for the bad writing I’m very tired :))